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Monday, September 3, 2012

Late photos (black Thumb of Death Gardening)

I can post a few photos, late, but better than never. I pulled up a few carrots. They are not misshapen like last year's! I cannot wait to pull up the rest. The tiny little roundish ones are the Parisians. Great if you have hard, shallow soil. I don't. I liked the idea of bite-sized carrots for salads and soups.

The plastic cauldron I use for gathering, shows what I pulled and picked way back on August 17th. More green beans, of course, the last of the lettuce and some dried beans, varieties unknown. I cut the lettuce off a few inches up off the soil. It is already regrowing more leaves. Neat!

The only ripened tomato was delicious. We have another starting to ripen. the rest are still pale green. We covered the beds where all the tomatoes and peppers (what few came up) are to keep them warm overnight. Our first frost will be coming soon, with the nighttime temps going lower every night. Dang.

The last photo is tomato porn. I do not know what else to call it. Oh yeah, we will eat it if it survives. (laughing)

The mole dug under one very happy pole bean plant, almost killing it. (grrr) I hope it finishes before dying completely. Himself picked a zucchini today that looks like a bludgeon. The rest of the squashes and pumpkins look like they are a bust too. Too wet and too cold for too long, I guess.

The strawberries are producing their fall batch with a vengeance. We should have enough to make a decent batch of strawberry jam, or I hope so at least.

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