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Monday, October 8, 2012

Nothing much...sort of

I have my garden just about closed down for the winter. We have green beans and carrots coming out our ears. Last year, we had barely any. I am told this is normal.

I am bouncing between that, taking an online class, finishing a "Finn" hat (fronm some cartoon) for my grandson this Halloween, finished the whole Dresden Files series (so far), making and baking bread, drying herbs and grinding them up and... I am pooped.

Miss Sally loved going out in the yard, running free. We added bells to her harness so we could hear her. We have to keep a tight eye on her. That is not only because of the golden and bald eagles overhead, it is because she is a Taster. Himself makes sure there are no mushrooms popping up anywhere. We tore up any tansy the year before. there is two small patches left in spots she will not go to, that still need to be erradicated. She still manages to find something that upsets her stomach at times. One day, the dew was still thick. She had a wonderful time, coming onto the porch covered in the mud equivalent of snow dingleberries on her stomach, pantaloons and legs. It dried quickly. I thoroughly combed her on the porch, sweeping the dirt out into the yard. We both went in for a good bath. She did not appreciate it. Too bad. She sleeps with me. I do not care if it combed out. ew!

I would post photos, but Blogger still gives me some error that makes no sense and their help people have ignored my pleas for help.

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