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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Nothing to see here...

Really. No photos, either.

I have been mapping out this year's garden, making a list to order the stuff to make my potions, and making homemade crackers. Not exactly exciting stuff, not that I have much to talk about anyway.

My daughter and her little family is doing well. The baby is growing in leaps and bounds. I love hearing his squeals in the background when we call. My grandson got more awards in school for his skills. He is way above the curve. He had his first band concert, playing the trumpet. We did not get to see it, dang-it.

I am hoping the changes to this year's garden will make it even more productive. We will be home this year, meaning we can do seedling inside first. It makes a difference when you live in an area with a short growing season. I am moving plants to more appropriate areas, at least I hope they are. We have four areas all with different micro-climates. Where one would think it would be warmer is cooler and vice-versa! The amount of money we have saved, even with the cost of seed and such, has been astronomical.

We shop local for everything else, primarily all organic items. Our totals for the month are way lower than before we started gardening or buying organic foods. Those saying it is "elitist" or not any better than GMO junk is very wrong. Our health is even better than before, besides saving money. So there... pfftthhh!

I have also been making our own tooth powder, shampoo, cleaning soaps, deodorants and more. the savings there has been very high too. Best of all, they work without any "side-effects".

The homemade crackers have been pretty successful so far. The flavor is far superior. I am planning on making some for the kids to send for their enjoyment- animal crackers and graham crackers. They will enjoy them.

I just started an astrology class. My mother-in-law tried briefly. The manner most teach starts right in with memorization, complicated calculations, etc. It was also very boring. Dusty White, who I also took the tarot classes from, is teaching astrology and he is starting in a way that makes more sense, easier to retain and he made it interesting. I am having fun. I am also keeping my little beady brain stimulated.

I made a pair of Claudia's Percentage Pointless Gloves (think bully gloves), not weaving in the ends yet. I am almost done following the pattern backwards, making the fingers first, to see if I can avoid the holes between the fingers. So far, I think I like them much better this way. If the second glove goes well, I will take apart the first pair and re-knit them in this manner. Countrywool's website is -

The pattern I used is - Percentage Pointless Gloves

I just noticed she added a flip-top mitten to the gloves. I will have to get those for working outside. I love her patterns. I will have to take photos when I am done with the gloves. My daughter has the first pair I knitted. I have normally low blood-pressure, my hands get chilly. I like the style of these gloves- warm but my fingertips are exposed so I can still do things.

That is it, not that I said much.

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