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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Rain... and rain... and... (Black Thumb of Death Gardening)

Edit: I have imported this from my The Black Thumb of Death Gardening Blog to my regular blog...  

We got all of the beds ready for this year. We need to add nematodes and such here soon, like as soon as we have a clear day. Spring came for a few days, then has been hiding behind storm clouds. The garden needs it, I will quit complaining about my selfish need to sit in the sun and mangle the dirt a bit.

We have spinach, kale and onions from last year coming up. It looks like salad with all three will be an option soon. Once the snows melted, the strawberries were uncovered from their blanket of straw. They are pretty happy. I cannot wait for more fresh strawberries.

I hae an invisible sign, no aura, around me when it comes to critters. Someone's pet or meat bunny appeared and seems to prefer our property. He is cute, black and has tiny (compared the wild hares around here), ears. He is driving my dog crazy with the scents left around HER property. If she goes after him, I will never catch her. She would give the bunny a run for its money.

So? We have to buy a bigger "safe" trap and find out if the local shelter takes bunnies. I hope so. this will alert the eagles to our property, adding another chore of watching the sky outside so Sally does not become a Pomer-Chop to them.

I will get photos within a week of the gardens, waiting for their first plants and seeds. I have celery and tobacco coming up well in the teeny indoor green/sprouting house I have squeezed into my tiny craft room. Next week, a flat of various onions, the other tobacco family goodies (tomatoes, and peppers (from sweet to burn your brain-bits), plus get the potatoes going.

Himself will be taking a rented rototiller to the area next to the spa and all around the garden in the meadow.field. I will try corn one last time around the perimeter. Though it is not normal to do, I will be sprouting it indoors to give it a boost and head-start. Our growing season is too short not to try. Same for watermelon!

This year, I am going back to what worked, gardening by the moon, so to speak. It went very well when I gardened that way, not half as well last year when I did things more "normally". I am going to also sprout the cabbages and squashes, putting them out when they get a few true leaves. I want to try making sauerkraut this year and my supply of dried cabbage (great "seasoning" in foods when dried) is down to the nubbins.

I was hoping we could add chickens this year. Maybe next.

Photos in a week. I heard we may get a few sunny days in a week, making for better photos.

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