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Tuesday, June 11, 2013


This morning, there were 6 ripe strawberries. The photo does not show them because we ate the ripe ones. Who can resist the first pickings? We should have plenty in the freezer by time our daughter and her family get up here. I will have to make a lovely dessert one night with them. With any luck, I will have enough to make some jam to send home with them.

The other thing they will take home is dried mint. Our oldest grandson likes mint tea when his stomach is upset. I usually add a little dried lemon balm to make a blend. It adds a slightly minty-lemon flavor that is lovely. You can barely make out the bush to the far right, a small lilac bush. The blooms are almost gone. It still smells heavenly. Even Himself likes it.

The fat toad from last year is back in the garden, flopping on tender seedlings. It is a trade-off. I only found a couple of the "bad" worms this year. Today I was surprised by a tiny toad, barely a quarter of the size of the big one. A frog also seems to think our bean garden beds are its new home. Cool. Finding these guys means our hard work to keep our gardens and property clean of pesticides is working.

Our josta berry bush is thriving. The blueberry ones did not bloom. I have no idea what I did wrong this year. sigh... I put a bottom for a large planter with some rocks out for the birds to splash in. A hummingbird feeder hangs above. Sumac came up by the maple now-bush. I was going to pull it all up, but it has uses. It gets to live.

You want to know what happens when you plant a small foot-square of chamomile two years later? They spread. A lot. Some get stepped on. Some do not. I should pull it. For now, I am gathering the blooms every day for teas and other uses. I love the green apple-like scent. You can make out more to the right. By the tree is one patch of echinacea. The rear-view of puppy is, of course, Sally. I have to brush her to come inside after watering the garden beds. She has half of the forest caught in her hair.

This is an area behind the house. I walked out to do something and was hit with the scent of the wild roses. They are all over the property. It is hard to not smile at them.

When we first moved here, the meadow that now is cut to the stub and has garden beds looked a lot like this slope above it. The deer, elk and moose love it. We have two other sides of the property thick with the same stuff and trees. It seems to be enough to keep them from browsing in the garden beds. I am sure that will not last long, but I can hope for now.

I still need to get some potions and lotions made up for my daughter. I am a bit behind with it. I have not taken a photo yet of the diaper cover that would work as "shorts" for the youngest grandson. I am working on a onesie for him at the moment. It is a sky blue and will have darker blue sleeves and edgings. The yarn is cotton and bamboo. It is amazingly soft. the brand is Terra, I believe. I also got myself a few balls of Bella Soft 'N Plush in a pale pink. It is polyamide. Plastic. It is soft though. It would make a cute crop top.

That is it for now. I seem to be up by 8 am, in bed by 2 am. I think I need more sleep.

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