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Friday, July 12, 2013

Too quiet...

It is too quiet here. The kids came and stayed 10 days, but it felt like they came and left in a day. We had 4 adults, 3 children and 4 dogs in our little 1078 sq. ft. home, and it was not crowded at all. Yeah... the dogs made cleaning the floor a necessity after going outside. (shrug)

Seeing them all was wonderful. The extra bonus was our newest grandson going from furniture-surfing to walking in less than 24 hours after their arrival! Franken-Baby! Arms in the air, and off he went. Luckily, I had enough gates to keep him from getting into too much trouble. He did take a good fall, whacking his forehead, resulting in a "lovely" goose-egg and bruise.

I may of mentioned I was knitting a onsie pattern I found in one of the knitting magazines. I finished in time for their arrival. It is a bit large at 24 months-size, but he will get some use out of it. I used "Terra" by SWTC, a half-and-half blend of bamboo and cotton. It was washed and dried twice and held up nicely.
I had a first for me. I flopped an angel food cake. Worse, a BOXED mix. (I know, "gag".) This is something my sister does. (I can see her huffing and pursing her lips right now at can now snicker at me, Girl.) I normally cook from scratch. I briefly entertained grabbing one at the bakery. Angel food cake is the ideal for chopped and partially pureed strawberries (from our garden) and topped with whipped cream. (NOT that nasty oil-whipped junk.) But no, I grabbed a mix. They are easy. I was tired and feeling lazy. I do not want to think about what was in it or why one only mixes it for 1 minute. I should of got the local brand that had the egg white powder separate and was made more like the old mixes. The photo was the result. After a good amount of teasing from the family, I went ahead and used it. It still tasted fine, though a bit flat, as in height. Next time, from-scratch will be the way to go.
I had the kid's potions all done and labeled, ready for them to take home. I ended up making a hair detangler spray for the women from-
I used the jojoba oil option, not the olive oil. I also added an equal amount of horsetail (or shavegrass) when simmering the marshmallow root to allow the mucilage to release. Horsetail is nature's silica, a better version than most hair conditioners. My daughter and her step-daughter have hair on the dry side and tends to frizz and misbehave. The teen loved it. My daughter did not try it yet. I used it in the shower. I washed my hair with a shampoo bar, then sprayed on some of the detangler, combed it through and finished washing up before rinsing it out. It worked nicely. I am going to reformulate it more for my oily hair. I did not get oily hair from using it, yet I want to change the oil and such and test it. I also worked out a shampoo bar recipe I need to make and test. Using the HP (hot-process) method gives you a soap you can test a small bit of while the rest of the bars cure for their allotted time. I will post when I get it made.
My garden is growing quite nicely. I will take and post some photos on my Black Thumb of Death Gardening blog here soon.
I have a project in the works and will post photos of that as it progresses. It is a project that will span the next couple of months. Himself got me knee pads to help me from hurting myself too much. What is it? Not until I have something to photograph will I tell... laughing...
It is way after the Witching hour, so I will end with my grandson's new trick. (snicker) When his first girlfriend comes to meet his family, this will be the first photo she will see. bwhahahahahaha...

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