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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Brown Paper Flooring (part 3)

Before I forget, the last post on this will be photos of the house, along with pros, cons, hints and tips. Oh yeah... fix-its. The last room to be sealed will get its final coat of Varathane this evening. For now...

This is what the refrigerator did to the floor, even after emptying it completely and removing the bottom freezer drawer. (click on photos to enlarge)

Hint- Rent or borrow a refrigerator dolly if you are doing your kitchen. The fix-it still has extra stain around the edges, which should fade and blend in after I clean.

I took this photo with my cell, it is a little blurry.
After I finished this part, the last bit where the refrigerator and stove sat was left. It blended in nicely. I still need a transition strip for this area. The kitchen floor had a layer of "fiberrock". Great to lay down before adding tile and the like. I was not about to remove it. It gave a 3/8" difference in the great room floor. I rather add the strip to compensate. The stuff did change the way the paper and Varathane looked, making it more satin than the rest of the floor. Weird.

This is a photo of the bedroom. I need to make a bed skirt. I use to have finished boards that hide the underside of the bed. There is no way I am sliding those in and out when I need to retrieve something!

Last... The craft room. Full circle. The paper held up under the tarps while moving furniture and boxes in and out while doing the whole house. I added a protection design, which some may find offensive. I am not apologizing. I like protective symbols of all sorts. It will be hidden under the stuff. The craft room is like stuffing 100-lbs. of junk in a 1-lb. bag. (laughing...) The first photo is taken with my cell phone. It is of the paper stage. The next photo is after 3 coats of Varathane. I will be doing the 5th after I make some biscuits for dinner and we eat. ;)

I get 3 days "off", to take car of other things before putting the room back together. I then will clean the whole house and photograph the rooms for the final part of my blatherings on the subject.

I am glad to be done. Sally has scratched the floor in the great room jumping on and off the furniture. That is the downside of stained paper flooring. I am working on a good fix that is easy, blends well, and holds up. Areas where the floors have dried at least one to two weeks instead of 3 days do not show her scratches. I cannot find an answer as to why the Varathane is not scratched, but the stain/coloring underneath is!

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