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Monday, March 27, 2017

Recuperating and a warning

I had a very bad month. March 7th, I put on an old sports bra in the morn. I had pulled my shoulder 3 days before that and had been using a homeopathic rub that had nothing in it that I was allergic to. I test everything before using, too. I took it off to shower that late afternoon, finding a rash was appearing. I bathed, then sat around with a loose cotton top on, sans any bra. I did not want anything on it so it would clear up quickly.

By that night, it progressed into a blistered painful rash, looking more like a chemical burn. One week of excruciating pain, one week of painful blisters healing, and one week, so far, of slightly painful disappearance of the most of the damage. It looks like a bad sunburn at this point. I am still numb from under my right breast, around the side and part of my back.

No, it was not shingles. It could be the combo of my chemistry and the rub, though washed off, and the chemicals in the sports bra all became a toxic cocktail. I cannot afford the testing of the bra. Logistical reasoning will have to do for the cause.

Guess what I found out when researching my burn-rash? The U.S. does not have any problem with hazardous chemicals being in our clothing. This has been an ongoing problem for at least a decade. China is the worst offender. Bras have formaldehyde in them, even all cotton ones. Same goes for other under-garments and clothing. There are other chemicals in our clothing that can bring on a serious reaction at any time, no matter how old it is and how many times washed. Lovely.

Anything I find from China will go into the trash. There is no area at the dump for clothing if hazardous, it seems. That sucks.

Shop carefully. Even an old item, no matter how well washed, can be leaching poisons into your skin or decide to chemically react to you at any time.

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  1. Glad you are feeling on the mend. What a journey! I too share the label reading of every thing to all that will listen. Even to those that don't want to hear it but are trapped in the same space as I am. To more healing and better living through safe clothing.