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The photos below are of various needle felted, handmade from raw wool, and knitted and then washed vigorously (fulled) felted items. Needle felting is great when you are frustrated or angry. You have to be very careful, though! Stabbing the tar out of the wool, then slipping and impaling yourself is very painful. Those needles are extremely sharp. I use a "kick-board" that kids use in swimming pools for my felting base when needle felting. it is thick enough to protect you from being stabbed while felting the wool.

Most of these items I have blogged about previously more in depth.

Handmade Wool Felt
This is my first try at felting wool. It was fun.
Felted Book Cover
This is the second bit of from-scratch felt I made. The cabs are beaded. I used snaps to hold the cover closed, hidden under the straps. I put the bookmark coming up from the bottom. It makes it easier to set the book in the shelf.
Purple Felted Book Cover
A purple felted book cover using my first felt bit. The cabs are hematite, beaded. I put the bookmark coming up from the bottom and the snaps on the straps are hidden when closed.
Needle Felted Jack Head
I applied this to a felted bit that I made into a purse for my step-granddaughter. No photo of the purse. Sorry.
Needle Felted Skull
Needle felted Skull Why? Why not?
Needle Felted Sun
I made this needle-felted sun when I was relearning to needle-felt.
Needle Felted and 
Beaded Goddess Figure
I had made the needle felted and beaded goddess figure a while back. It was fun to make. Beading onto the needle-felted body was a new learning experience.
Needle Felted Fairy
She was fun to make. I used seed beads for her eyes and lips.
Another view of the needle felted fairy
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