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Direct links to my static pages featuring various photos of my handmade items has moved to my website. They are divided into galleries with search filters. When you hover your cursor over an image, a description will appear. If you click on an image, you get a closer view. You will be able to browse through the images in that view, too. Enjoy! May I inspire you all to create more or try your hand at a new-to-you craft.

The photos are of various needle felted, handmade from raw wool, and knitted and then washed vigorously (fulled) felted items. Needle felting is great when you are frustrated or angry. You have to be very careful, though! Stabbing the tar out of the wool, then slipping and impaling yourself is very painful. Those needles are extremely sharp. I use a "kick-board" that kids use in swimming pools for my felting base when needle felting. it is thick enough to protect you from being stabbed while felting the wool.

Most of these items I have blogged about previously more in depth. Click on the Various Crafts Posts link in the menu above to see those articles.

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