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The beaded items below were made by me for family, friends and gifts. It is a craft I greatly enjoy. I have a lovely, handmade bead loom that is easy to use. It is nice for making items to become small bags and the like. I hope you enjoy the photos. It is a low-cost craft. You need only some seed beads, a beading needle and beading thread... and your imagination. There are many free patterns on line, if you search. Most of these items I have already blogged about more in depth.

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Any comments and notes are below each image.

I wanted a special clasp for my knitted and felted purse. There is a blog post about the purse under the "felted" label. I first glued a cabochon to stiff lining fabric. I used size 11 and 15 seed beads at the top. I used techniques I learned from a book about beading around cabochons. Cell Phone case. I used Czech seed beads, size #11. The pattern is a snowflake pattern. Yes, it is a skull. (grin) I found it on a site online. Sorry, I cannot remember where. I used square stitch, as I do for all my bags. It is very strong, more so than others. Small beaded bag with a stylized egret, made for a friend. I used Czech #11 seed beads in square stitch. There was no pattern for the bird to be found, so I winged it. "Winged" it... (laughing)
This is a photo before I put the bag together. My friend Mary needed a bag to hold her iPod that she could wear around her neck. I made this bag on my bead loom. I lined the bag to protect her iPod, making sure it was big enough to still hold the item. I found a Kokopelli and lizard pattern, Kokopelli being Mary's favorite symbol. I then used a good chain to hold the bag. The finished bag. I think it came out pretty nicely. My first peyote stitch bag. The photo is awful. Sorry. I will try to take another. I beaded the cab on the front of the bag. This is my first beaded box. It came our rather cool, I think.
I gave my step-granddaughter a tarot deck, Tarot of the White Cats. It needed, of course, a proper cover. I beaded around a glass cab for the flap closure. I use velco on the seed bead tarot bags. I have an fear of the snaps being too harsh and breaking the beads. I do not have a finished photo of this loomed tarot box. I made up the design, using a dragonfly cross-stitch image to include. I made this box for one of my best friends, Stephenie.
The front of the Key Tarot box for meant for the Fairy Tale deck (Lisa Hunt). I liked my first box for the colors. This one seems too pale. I tried to copy the card-backs in beads as closely as possible. Another photo of the dragonfly box on the loom. Oh, I used fishing line and seed beads. I wanted the bag to be strong. It is a booger to work with the fishing line. The back of the Key Tarot deck box. The front of the Purple Moon beaded tarot box. I went with purples and a crescent moon. The back of the Purple Moon tarot box.
Front of the Flying Heart box, meant to match the Fairies' Oracle. (Deck by Brian and Wendy Froud) I tried to copy the back of the cards. It was hard to photo because of the dark blue color. It came out pretty nice, at least in person. Back of the Flying Hearts box. Side of the Flying Hearts box. Top of the Flying Hearts box.
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