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Photos of various items I have knitted throughout the years. I used my handspun for a couple of the items. You can find more in-depth stuff about some of these items in previous posts.

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Any comments and notes are below each image.

I knitted this cap for my oldest grandson a while back. I found the pattern somewhere on the web. It came out cute. I love this pattern. It is the "Pointless Gloves" pattern by Claudia of Countrywool. You knit by the yarn and gauge, after measuring your hands. Her instructions are easy to follow. No matter what, they fit nicely. I cannot remember where I found this knit pattern on the web. It was before I "lost" my chest. I knitted it out of a silk and rayon blend I spun up. It is very comfortable, even sans chest.
Monster Pants
I knitted these for my youngest grandson. The pattern is on Ravelry.
This little Viking cap I made for my youngest grandson came out nicely. You can find more about it on previous blog posts. Fish Hat
This pattern, from another blog post, is a pattern I found on Ravelry. I knitted this for my oldest grandson.
The Grrrr character from a kid's cartoon. The pattern was found on the web. I made this for my step-granddaughter.

Handspun and knitted sweater using a blend of wool and bluefox combings. It is comfy but not attractive on me. A trade-off... I am too sallow for grays. I still wear them.
The back of the bluefox blend sweater. The Bell Shawl
This is a bit of the edge of the Bell Shawl. The stitches are twisted. It was made before I learned to not twist my stitches. (grin)
Toto and Pekingese
Handspun and Knitted Dolls
The dog on the left is of “Toto”, used in the Amador County CA spinning guild's county fair booth. The yarn is handspun Newfoundland, spun by Stephenie Gaustad. Knitted by Debra Matz. The dog on the right is a “Pekingese”. Handspun and knitted by Debra Matz. This was also part of the display at our county guild booth.
My handspun Pekingese hair shawl. I knitted it using Elizabeth Zimmerman's "Pie are Square Shawl". It is very soft. It is knitted entirely from my Maggie's hair. No, it does not have "dog" smell. Pekingese Hair Hat and Scarf
I cannot remember what patterns I used. I am pretty sure I used Old Shale for the scarf.
Handspun Pekingese Hair Shawl
Pekingese Hair Shawl using a Fan Stitch Half Circle Shawl pattern. This shawl was knit out of Pekingese Hair that I had handspun for Wendy, a prominent Pekingese breeder. (She is the model.) The pattern is from “Traditional Knitted Lace Shawls” by Martha Waternman. The pattern used is the “Fan Stitch Half Circle Shawl”.
You can find the Bell Shawl pattern at: The shawl was designed by Rosemary Hoffer in 1996, for the Knit List gift patterns.

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