Lovely coolness prevails

We are having showers off and on with mild winds. It feels so good! I am a Fall baby, that is for sure. I am making meatloaf today. It is a comfort food, perfect for the weather. Himself did get some ice cream for later. Luckily, the demise and taking over of our grocery store by the evil Safeway empire did not include the total loss of Tillamook ice creams. I miss our old little store.

We found a tuff of fuzz from the Outback's firewall lying next to the vehicle. Dang! It seems another squirrel is building a nest. I tied a bag of icky wool, (cleaned yet not usable), to the post next to the tires for the squirrel to take. We also put teaballs with a cottonball inside the motor compartments that has a squirt or two of fox urine. Of course I had to smell it before screwing on the top. Bad idea. I am glad it was way past my breakfast. Himself's sister made him a sign for the vehicles that has a big stop sign and a note under it to remind him to remove his balls from the engine before starting the vehicles. heh...heh...heh...snicker...

I have finished a couple of books on intuition. Both were fine. I managed to get past the few references to their belief in deity/deities. Why I allow myself to get so slammed by those words is beyond me. A quirk I still need to work through.

I am working through two tarot workbooks. Yes, at the same time! So I am weird! The books are two different learning styles, perfect to keep the brain amused. The first has a silly title that shows the author's humor, packed with a great learning style that is perfect for me, intuition-based- "The Easiest Way to Learn Tarot - Ever!" by Dusty White. The other is more structured but very interesting is "Easy Tarot Guide" by Marcia Masino. I managed to get a copy of the first edition that includes color photos. She is revising the book and adding more for the second edition. Publishing date is unknown. Sadly, the nice color photos of the cards will not be in this version. Me, I will gladly pay for color photos. A spiral spine for workbooks would be the extra cost too. I seem to be in the minority for those two perks. I rather wait a few weeks saving up for them and have color and the ability to leave the book open without using various household objects to keep it open while I work from a book.

Both are very good. Why keep learning, reading beginner's books, taking notes and all that with tarot? There are always more of others' views to read or hear about. I do not think one can learn too much when it comes to the...stranger?, arts. I was given my first deck in Christmas 1976. During that time period there were few books to learn from, learning was very dogmatic and there were ONLY the stated meanings for upright and reversed. Any deviation and you were wrong!, wrong!, wrong! It is probably why I did not really start to learn until a few years ago. I am enjoying today's writers. They are much more to my learning style. I still do not like the Thoth deck. I tried. I never cared for Crowley either. He had...fleas...

I have over 70 tarot decks and oracle decks. I have an urge to sell those that do not speak to me off, yet the images are beautiful. A box of 78 masterpieces. A silly conflict? Do I really need that shelf-space?

Miss Maggie is doing well. I am giving her MSM. I hope that helps her arthritis. The combo stuff I was giving before had in teeny-tiny print that dogs who ever had any kidney or bladder stones should not use it. I cannot believe I missed the warnings! Her scan shows she is free of the bladder stones, she must not of had them long enough to cause a problem. Stopping the combo also toned down the amount of "blinders" she silently lets loose...usually while cuddled near my face.

No photos today. There are few of the remaining Grosbeaks decimating the feeders still on the camera. Yeah...yeah...yeah...

The squirrels are even eating the Ponderosa cones, carrying off some or eating them like corncobs. I have never in the 30+ years of living in the mountains seen them eat those. A normal winter is coming? Am I ready? Yes and no. I did not get some things done because I could not afford them this year. Such is life and I am fine with that. Knowing it will soon be cool, the leaves turning colors, the mists that appear at a whim, the snow... I cannot wait. We do not have a hearth, sadly. It is another one of those things I hope to save for, a small addition with a nice pot-bellied stove for warmth and to enjoy the flames during the winter.


I am a bit ecclectic. This blog is whimsical musings about my various interests and sharing things I am learning. If anything, it will be a good sleeping pill, no?

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  1. Wow! You make the rest of us look lazy.
    I do hope Bruce remembers to take note of his balls before use. Could be painful.

    Email physical address to me please. I want to send you something for Maggie that may help.