Well, it is Monday

I ordered my grand-daughter her first tarot deck and book this weekend. Her father and my daughter have done a great job with her. I am glad the kids got primary custody away from her poop-head mother. Oops! TMI family stuff? I did use a tamer word than my usual crusty verbiage.

I must make a beaded box for her cards before her birthday, which is not until November. She was warned to not show these things to her grandmother and great-grandmother unless she is prepared to deal with some frowns

She loved the Tarot of the White Cats, which I got her. It is pure RWS-style, but with cats. They are not cutesy cats either. Better color for one thing. They are more detailed without being overwhelming. The expressions are better than RWS. I also got her Janina Renée's "Tarot for a New Generation". I think she wrote the perfect book for the younger set, though us old folks like it too. I have all her books, liking her style and manner of teaching. I have yet to get them on my Kindle.

Amazon has a problem with the accents on her name, or the publisher did it? They have not put the book mentioned for the gift in eBook format yet or there was something about copyright?

I like having real books to cuddle with, and the Reader for travel to lighten my load. I never thought I would like a Kindle, but it has pleasantly surprised me. A major plus, I can jam it into the Black Hole of Death (my purse) and always have books on hand without walking around with a backpack and hunched in half. Besides, I am too old for that sort of load.

I am also a fan of real catalogues and the rare person willing to buy them. I rather order by check than card and prefer to slowly browse while sipping coffee and occasionally sucking on my e-cig, not sit at the netbook and dither through. I do like Amazon's and Google Book's feature of being able to thumb through, Google being the superior on that front. It is like being at a book store. Remember to not take the title into account for a subject. "The Easiest Way to Learn Tarot- Ever!"by Dusty White is excellent, though the title is silly.

I should make a book list sometime? I have so many books that I bought and have stacked because they reeked. I could save others money, if they have the same quirks I do. I have a zillion tarot and oracle decks, but I cannot get myself to sell them off. Some have such lovely pictures though I personally find them useless for what they were intended for.

I need to start my Yule shopping soon. I make a lot of gifts, but there are times when something in the store screams someones name and they get that item instead. We do not over-do, not that we can, we keep the concept down to a small and loving nature instead.

The squirrels are eating every pine cone in sight, even the Ponderosa variety. I wonder if we are going to have a normal winter this year? The sap is awful. Poor Maggie has to go in and have the bottom of her toes shaved this Friday.

I finally took a couple of pictures to bore you all with.

The first tiger lily bloom. The petals have not folded themselves back yet. They look like stylized pumpkins when fully opened. I tried to get a photo of the bloom and those waiting to open. It did not come out too well. I took more photos I will post soon of the fully-opened blooms. I think we may add tulips for next year.

This is some sort of weed? No clue. the bees and hummingbirds like it. The color is pretty.

There is no way to catch the hummingbird swarms on camera. I did get one crossing the feeder, of course the one drinking went off in hot pursuit. They have been draining the feeders every other day. Our weather has been lovely- cool with rain most mornings or evenings.
I tried to get a photo of our little patch of forest. There are a tong of little purple flowers mixed in with the orange of the rose hips that are ripening. Clicking on the photos may bring up a closer image.

I spent the weekend reading and carding a fleece. Not at the same time. I am not that good. We popped in a DVD while I was carding. I was, as normal, not particularly exciting. Maggie is having better days, though her arthritis is not letting up much. She is such a doll.

I have not been online much, preferring to read and do other things. What can I say? My favorite time of year, Fall, is fast approaching. Yea!


I am a bit ecclectic. This blog is whimsical musings about my various interests and sharing things I am learning. If anything, it will be a good sleeping pill, no?


  1. Yes-yes-yes! cold weather,rain,snow, fires (contained that is) oh yes!

    Granddaughter? more information plezzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  2. Brans has a step-daughter. Her husband had a previous relationship and got half custody. The woman, and I use the term loosely, cannot get any welfare for the girl or her 4 other ones and the fathers got them, though it is not legalized fully. The grandmother is adopting the 3 other girls. My son-in-law may try for full custody if that occurs. Amador county is not kind to fathers, even if the mother is nothing more than the birth recepticle. Not nice, but how it is. The girl is thriving under Brans influence. Of course.