Done! with felted hats

I finally finished the felted Undertaker hats for my grandson! Yea! The one below is the one that was knitted and then abused in my front-loader. I used Lacy's Stiff Stuff to try to get the brim a little stiffer. I hope it holds up. I do not know if beating the crap out of the brim while wet would work? This is my first felting project and I am still lost when it comes to this art. Lacy's is not supposed to leave any color. It did leave a whitish-clear bit on parts. Shaving the hat will remove it. I put on a ribbon hatband... and could not get the hat on. I found purple wool and needlefelted a hatband on instead. I think it came out rather cool.

The hat using commercial felt ended up coming out quite nice. I added thin black wire to the brim, sewing it down. I then folded over a small bit and sewed that down too. Sewing the crown to the brim was a major bitch. The felt had finally stiffened after spraying on Lacy's. After slipping and jabbing my finger with the threaded needle one too many times, I found my old thimble. The wounds are now healing nicely. The ribbon came out okay. I fiddled with this hat so much, I decided stepping back and letting it be was the best step.

I will try flat felting and felting a hat on a ball later on, after I finish the beaded tarot box I am working on. I had set it aside to get the hats done in time to mail off the Halloween garb we got our grandson. The beaded box is half-finished. I beaded a large glass cab for the flap as decoration. It came out quite nicely, I think. I will try to get photos of the "parts" as I put it together. It is hard to photograph beadwork without the proper tools. The colors run in the teals and turquoise ranges, and those do not seem to photo well without a good light box.

Miss Maggie is done with her course of anti-bacterial meds. The digestive problem, at least the one she was having, is now gone. She is eating well.

She is not happy with me right now. I got a new chair that does not lock the foot-thingie. I have to move her onto my lap, set her in my chair and go do "what ever", move her back after getting back in the chair. I do not remember the chair in the store being this tall. My feet do not touch the ground, and I am 5'6-1/2"! It does rock. I love rockers, especially ones that are over-padded.

I picked up a huge box of apples, a cabbage, carrots, leeks, and onions at the Farmer's Market last Saturday. I made an apple pie and 9 little half-moon pies to freeze. The remaining apples are covered and in the garage for later use. I took the veggies and made us my Irish-like dinner, adding a good pound of seared london broil bits and beef broth. I simmer it for about an hour, making the meat tender. I did not pepper it that much this time, much to the pleasure of Himself.

That is it for now... Time to warm a slice of pie and slap a gob of 'nilla ice cream on the side. Yum....


I am a bit ecclectic. This blog is whimsical musings about my various interests and sharing things I am learning. If anything, it will be a good sleeping pill, no?

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  1. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm nice hat, good dinner. We had raviolis with fresh tomatoes from the garden and green peppers, of same origin. Fresh garlic bread (homemade sour dough) and I am stuffed. We should form a group - I am sure if we keep eating we will be large enough to qualify. Thank God for Yoga today!