Felted Book Covers

I have so much wool, I decided to try my hand at felt. Wait... I already mentioned that, did I not? The mind wanders...

That first bit of felt I fubar'd is above. It did not look like I fulled it completely, so I put it in the washer to really get it fully felted....


Needless to say, it did not fit the intended book. I cut it down to fit my new book by Barbara Moore- "Tarot for Beginners". I know I am not a beginner, but I found beginner books very enlightening and I love Barbara Moore's work. The covers of books are so thin now, this will keep my copy's cover in good shape.

I beaded two hemitite cabs and attached them to the straps after adding the biggest snaps one has seen. Finding sew-on snaps is hard enough. It seems people prefer velcro, if you can find anyone who actually sews these days. I prefer snaps that are 10mm to 12mm, but these puppies are way bigger. Snaps are secure and do not catch the way velcro does, snagging everything. I prefer thin bookmarks. They do not mess up the book. I used jumbo rick-rack for this cover, attaching beads to the end. I attached the bookmark at the bottom and have to going from bottom to top. I do not like it when they come from the top and get all smooshed if you put the book on a shelf.

This is my second attempt at felt. I made this cover for Kaitlyn's birthday prezzie to cover her copy of Janina Renée's- "Tarot for a New Generation". Perfect for one new to tarot. The cover, like the cover for her deck, hides these items from those of her family who are horrified by the tarot.

I used a combo of various colored wools in colors she loves. The cabs are simulated turquoise. (I did not have real turquoise cabs.) I beaded around them too, and used the last of my preferred smaller-large snaps. There is a second snap further down the straps for added security. I used leftover purple ribbon I used for my grandson's Undertaker hat as the bookmark, beading the end that hangs over.

I think she will like this and her beaded tarot box/deck for her birthday next month.

I am to the heel of one pair of socks. Short socks. I still have not perfected knee socks. I make the tops long for folding my socks over. Yes, I am child-like when I wear my socks. I prefer the cuff and how they cushion my skinny ankles.

I also made some beaded items I cannot photograph or show at this time because they are prezzies.


I am a bit ecclectic. This blog is whimsical musings about my various interests and sharing things I am learning. If anything, it will be a good sleeping pill, no?

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