Lost... so felting and beading away

It has been hard around here. Routines are altered, most no longer are needed. The house is empty. No happy greetings. No happy good-nights.

We picked up Maggie's cremains. The tears came again when we opened the box. She was 10 lbs. One would think with her large heart and soul that there would be more than a snack-bag-size of remains. We are looking at handmade jars. That would be suitable for Maggie. The nice woman who handles the cremations for the vet's office took Maggie's footprint on a piece of pink marble-like clay, adding her name to it. It is a nice touch. Our vet is the best. They sent a lovely card. The techs, vet and the office woman all included personal notes. The vet called her The Princess. She had cried with us.

People are trying to give us dogs to speed the healing process. We will not be ready for a while to find a new family member. Some day, a soul will get our attention and come home with us.

The beaded box is Kaitlyn's for her new Tarot of the White Cats deck. It came out rather nicely.

I was feeling so lost, I needed to do something. I decided to try my hand at more felting. My first flat piece is below. Stupidly, I cut it into the right shape before doing a small edge to be sure it was fully felted. I did not realize that until I put it into the washer with another piece to get the edges nicely felted. I should of whip-stitched them instead. The felt will be a book cover, but not for the intended book. Live and learn. I will take a photo of the new piece of felt in a few days. I am on a book cover trend at the moment. Photos when they are finished.

I also did a bit of needlefelting. Okay, a lot of needle felting. It had been a long time since I did this, so I made an item from a book to practice using the felting needles. Needlefelting is mindless- you do not need to focus too much, but enough to go slowly and to keep from impaling yourself with the needles.

I then went for trying my hand at a figure. A fairy was born. I used beads for her eyes and mouth. She needs a 2x4 in one hand, I think.

Halloween is coming up, so a skull was next. I also made a Jack-head. I think it will be the perfect thing to attach to a ribbon for a bookmark, no?

Making things has helped. I am beading cabs for the book covers.

I miss Maggie.


I am a bit ecclectic. This blog is whimsical musings about my various interests and sharing things I am learning. If anything, it will be a good sleeping pill, no?

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  1. It has been 8 months and 18 days since Kelsey slipped from my grasp. Is it better? No, never. Is it easier? Yes in that every waking moment isn't spent mourning her. I cry less often but when I do the pain is as deep. But life goes on and less than a month after Kelsey's leaving Ari joined us.

    She was meant to be for Geoffrey, the English Setter guy. Then my Kelsey left me so suddenly. I tried hard not to do more then care take this small dog that came to us.

    And now even tho the relationship with Kels was spiritual, the distraction is rather pleasant. And the dog that was meant to heal him is also healing me.

    They come in their time.