We are down in CA visiting my daughter and our grandson. We always get so stuffed up here. I think we are allergic to CA. (ornery grin)

I made fudge, something I have not done in eons. The grandson loves it.

They were saddled with their Chihuahua's brother while the boy supposedly tried to find a place that will allow his dog in the city he moved to. This dog was never properly trained, worse, properly house-trained. He is so sweet, but he needs someone who would be willing to handle him 24/7 and make sure he never widdles all over the house again. Hard to do, especially when the dog is a male Chihuahua. It is a shame, really. No, I do not have the patience at this stage of life. The daughter is going to try to find him a good home with someone who good at retraining dogs and has the patience to help the dog.

I also got to see two of my favorite people. It was wonderful. We ran into them today at the hardware store my daughter works at, a lovely extra surprise. Of course I got a few more kisses and hugs in while they were there.

As soon as the pass over the Sierra is clear enough after Santa Day, we are heading back home. We will probably stay at a motel when we get clear of OR. It is too cold to nap in the car this time of year. We are hoping we will get up our driveway and not have to walk up it when we get home. (laughing) It will be good to get back, though a little sad knowing it will be a while before we get to see everyone again. This is our first trip without Maggie. I realized I had not cleaned the car, seeing her sneezes still on the dash in front of my seat. It will be hard to wash. (sob) My daughter's dog, also a Peke and half-sister, cuddled with me a few times.

I received a comment from an old friend, RoseHawk. Email me privately. I cannot find your address!

No excitement to report. We are enjoying the season with our loved ones.


I am a bit ecclectic. This blog is whimsical musings about my various interests and sharing things I am learning. If anything, it will be a good sleeping pill, no?


  1. Well if you leave on Sunday perhaps we can meet somewhere between Williams and Stockton. I am making my Christmas trip to the Berg then on Wed. back to Cottonwood and then on Friday home before the drunks hit the road.

    I will email you my cell phone. Call if you are leaving then or just call me to keep me awake on , snore, 99 S.

  2. Well damn! Got your voice mail, # of your phone didn't register on mine, sigh. Awaited your second call on Sunday the 26th while making my way down into the valley of pollution. Never came-trust you are home safe.

    I too am hacking, well it is done. wonderful air there, no?