Pug Love

Yogi, my daughter's pug, is a wonderful guy. I just adore him. I knitted him some sweaters in Wool-Ease so my daughter can easily wash them. Her husband requested one in "convict"stripes, pictured below. (laughing) I already made him one in acky-lack camo. Another was in black and red stripes using Wool-Ease. I have some of that yarn in a lovely denim-blue, which will be his next sweater. See him smile? The dog leg in the corner is Oppa, my grandson's Chihuahua's leg.
I finished the accessories for my knitted and fulled purse. I need to add the snaps and then see if all the garbage I fit into the current purse fits this one. If not, my daughter wants one and can have this one. She does not carry half of the junk I do. I will take a photo soon.

I am knitting doll-figures to full/felt right now. Why? To see how they come out. One will have "hair" lockerhooked to its head to see how it felts. All for fun.

I am looking through my fiber stash to see what to spin and knit up into a sweater next. I have some black wool ready to make Himself some glittens. I need to measure his hands first to be sure they will fit. I still need to make myself another pair of bully gloves. They are really Claudia's Pointless glove recipe. See Countrywool's site for her patterns. My daughter took my last pair, knitted in titty-pink. No one at her job will mess with them, being a lumberyard and hardware store.

Unasked-for advice- Never drive in blowing snow at night for almost 500 miles. It is not fun.

That is it for now...


I am a bit ecclectic. This blog is whimsical musings about my various interests and sharing things I am learning. If anything, it will be a good sleeping pill, no?

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