What a morning!

6:30 a.m. - "Debra! I need you NOW!!!"

What?! A dream? I rarely open my eyes that early. I go to bed around 1 a.m. I get up, somehow realizing this was not a dream but reality, slip into sweats and stumbling into a brightly lit great room. The stove is pulled out and Himself is standing there, calling me over.

He had been dozing when he noticed something go under the TV. He thought he imagined it, then a tiny mouse ran out, went up the counter and, he thought, behind the microwave. (So that is why it is on the floor...) It was not there when he pulled it out, then it dashed from behind the ground coffee jar, then dash behind the stove. There was no way out.. He had it trapped and he needed me to watch while he got something to "get it".

We both detest this. We get the "no see" traps. We had heard the mouse in the wall weeks ago, then in the attic. The teeny booger had managed to eat through the bottom of the trap and eat the peanut-butter. Duct-tape is now on the bottoms with a piece of Snickers bar. I digressed. Sorry.

Anyway, I hold a bright light on it while he gets...the pellet gun. WHAT!? It is a tiny mouse! How else is he going to kill it? is his reply. Trying to trap it and then setting it free is not an option. It will only come back inside. We cannot set a no-see trap and hope it commits suicide inside. He fires. He only wounds it. It wobbles. I tear-up. I cannot look. Second shot and it's pain is over. I wish I did not look over the stove before the second shot. Poor thing. It was so tiny. A beautiful dark silver-gray shiny fur, black shiny eyes, and could carry so many diseases. Yes, focus on that right? Himself gets behind the stove, gently puts the little thing in a bag and bleaches the whole area.


7:00 a.m. - Scrubbing counters with bleach. I was glad I covered the bowl with butter inside to soften to make chocolate chip cookies later this morning. Started water for coffee. I was tired and really needed to go back to bed a bit. Oh well...

I spent the rest of the day trying different versions of the Bee or Honeycomb stitch. Yes, I have torn apart the vest-like thing I am copying, again. Stockinette and ribbings are so bloody boring, especially with a bland, cotton yarn. It is green, but not hand-dyed with a nice heathered look to give some sort of interest. A pattern of some sort will make knitting it more pleasant, especially if garter-stitch-based, with texture.

No photos. Every time I go outside to get photos of the rosy-red tweeties, they take off. I still have not taken photos of the vest-like thing or anything else.

I did manage to mess up and lose my favorite tarot program. I cannot get it to reinstall and will mess with it next week. Please note that what one could do with Windows 98, (that is how long it has been since I had anything go wrong to try to do what I did), or try a "restore" with Norton running are not something one should ever do. Never. Norton freaks, then dumps all of its virus definitions and has to re-upload them. I managed to do it twice. Not once, twice. It is time to re-up my subscription, once done, maybe I can get the program to install after some making sure the files are all in good order and the like. I hope so. I really loved my Orphalese tarot program. If anyone knows what the error code "2869" means for Windows 7, please let me know. The programmer of the program has had this happen a couple of times and MS techs have not been forthcoming with any help.

Time to watch a few movies, I think.


I am a bit ecclectic. This blog is whimsical musings about my various interests and sharing things I am learning. If anything, it will be a good sleeping pill, no?

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  1. Ok I will see and raise you for some stupid Spyware thing that has attached itself ( I can only think of scenes with Sigorney Weaver) to my computer. Yuck. So if I disappear never to be seen of again check for me in some cheap computer takeover let's make a buck try.