What day is it?

Where did the month go?

Oh! See the links to other blogs to the right? See? Down a little. (pointy-pointy) Look at Jola Gayle's blog to see the smoked bacon she just made. I think I am still drooling. She even did one that was peppered. (drooling...)

I really need to get going, like get the seeds started for our garden for one thing. Our last frost is not until June, so there was no hurry. Now, it is time.

A nice woman gave me blushingly nice reviews of my boxes. I need to "dress" some of my newer decks. I think she gave me the push.

I am going to be selling my little 22" Harrisville floor loom and the adjustable bench. Maybe my gorgeous Alden Amos Irish castle wheel. I spin everything, including cotton and silk, on my Alden Amos Canadian Saxony, and rarely use the Irish wheel, though it spins beautifully. I hate for it to not be used though. Yes, I push Alden's wheels as the best. I love them. They are the smoothest spin, ever. I have never woven on the loom. I got it used, folded it up and... I am not into weaving.

We had solicitors late today, so to speak. We have a huge sign at the end of the drive warning them away. (I still have not found a proper skeleton to pike at the end of the drive. heh heh heh) Bruce found a lovely giant wooden disk (at On Purpose in Sutter Creek CA) with a pentagram inlay, just to keep the religious people from approaching the house if they ignore the first sign. Ah, but these were two kids selling cookie dough. Children are not scared of signs around here.

The doughs are not part of our normal diet but we bought a tub to help them with their school function or whatever it was meant to help. We usually buy it from our grandson, and they eat it. (grin) I do have cookies in the freezer if I cannot eat the overly sweet ones when the dough gets here. The little girl and her brother were rather fascinated with my skull-topped cane collection in the stand by the door. And look at the dragons! A spinning wheel! And... I think they realized they entered a very different house. I hope they sell enough. It is not easy doing that in a rural area with houses acres apart. I am sure I will hear from my daughter soon for more dough sales.

I have put away the vest-like thing. No, I did not take a photo or send the original one to my daughter yet. It is boring. I am not into the fiber I am using, or anything else about ti at the moment. Maybe if I spin up something instead, I will be more into designing my version?

Maybe a stun-gun to the rear will get me going. Spring has not sprung. It is much warmer at least, a balmy 41 today.

Oh, damn. Himself found a dead tiny bird by one of the feeders. We had another sitting in the sun, it did not look well. The last time I saw teeny birds sitting like that, they died. Were they babies born too early in the season? We keep food out for them and the minions (squirrels). Dang, I do not like finding those who do not make it.


I am a bit ecclectic. This blog is whimsical musings about my various interests and sharing things I am learning. If anything, it will be a good sleeping pill, no?


  1. Hey, thanks for the pointer. Selling your wheel? Can we talk?

  2. I second what Jola said! Except that I'm too far away to talk about your wheel but I'm sure it's wonderful. Heck, I hardly use my own wheel these days. Love Bruce's sign idea!

  3. Will email privately JG. I hope my daughter makes some smoked bacon when we visit.

    Hey A! The warning sign is Bruce's bit, the piking a skeleton is mine, if that is what you mean. Maybe a "Here Be Celts!" Should be in the skeleton's hands? I am terrible... It is too bad the Halloween offerings are styrofoam or plastics that will rot in a short time. things are not made as well as they used to be. I just cannot bring myself to spend $100 for something more durable.