Look! Boxes! - Gardening

Edit: I have imported this from my The Black Thumb of Death Gardening Blog to my regular blog...  

We picked up "poop-grade" untreated cedar fencing yesterday. We got the 6' lengths cut in half and screwed together the boards. Ta Da! Planter boxes. Hey, I was not going to do this but it turned out to be much cheaper than I figured. Himself had an excellent idea. Two angles shown below.

We will add more peat moss, compost and soil tomorrow, or when it is not raining, which ever comes first. 

We picked up two varieties of blueberry bushes and a josta berry (cross between currant and gooseberry) at the nursery yesterday. I will have to get sweet potatoes in the organic section of the grocery store and start them that way. no one has them! They do grow here well. I love regular potatoes, (yes I am planting those too), but I also love sweet potatoes...fried, mashed, pie... Yum.
I split my mint plants today and dampened the little peat turds that seeds are germinating in. I am doing them in batches so I can rotate in and out various vegetables, staggering harvesting and making it easier on myself and to grow as much as I possibly can.

I must win the lottery. I covet a lovely greenhouse.And a cellar. And... Yep, I am weird. I rather have those things than diamonds or other useless items. I have plenty of shiny crystals to cover my "Oooo! Look! Something shiny!" needs. (grin)


I am a bit ecclectic. This blog is whimsical musings about my various interests and sharing things I am learning. If anything, it will be a good sleeping pill, no?


  1. Hey! Who says you can covet the same things I covet?

    BTW, you probably know - do NOT set that mint loose in your yard. Plant it in a pot. Well, you can set it loose. Our house in Harriman had it planted down the driveway. It made a lovely fragrance when taking the garbage out. It also tried to own the whole yard.

    And actually my dad had it planted in our old house between 2 trees, but he had to mow it back everytime he mowed the yard.

  2. Oh, and I'm totally green with envy over your progress.

  3. laughing... I am about to post the first sprouts photos. And yes I CAN covet the same things. So there! Yes, I was warned about the mint. I need to have it around the house to ward off carpenter ants. We do not have termites, we have the ants instead. Mint will also keep mice away. Pots of mint will be all around. If they do not do the trick, then plant around the house and I have to be ready to kill all who go too far?

  4. I also set boxes out, like you, but 3'X 6'... I am growing Navajo blue corn, rhubard and stevia. It's a dye garden. I also have madder in a big pot by itself. Next year I may add more boxes for food growing! I live your humor!