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Yes, planting before the official June 10th last-frost date is dicey, but the plants needed to be transplanted... yesterday. I started all my seeds inside and most of the varieties are not recommended to be started that way. I had to try, right? Or... I am being abby-normal and breaking the rules. Again.

Do you know that bean plants grow while you look at them? Seriously. It was amazing how fast they popped up and grew. I love beans and looking forward to eating my own home-grown.

Here are the recent photos. I found some strawberry plants and put them among the lettuce to help shade the plants. The beans wilted for a few hours. I had some things to do and did not allow myself to fret. They perked right up a little while later, whew! There is one more batch to go outside when they get a little bigger in a few days.

Not exactly exciting photos or dialogue, not that this or my other blog are even remotely exciting.

I will be making the netting for the trellises tonight and tomorrow. I then have to get the corn patch and pumpkin patches ready for planting. If anything, I am getting a bit of exercise.

The biggest tree in the yard, (oh why?! was it not removed before building the house over 10 years ago?), has decided to throw every pine cone it has downwards. It is a long downwards, too. So far, they have missed the seedlings. The tree is huge, branched off into two trees two-thirds of the way up and a Ponderosa, the nastiest, sappiest, most useless pine tree out there. Some day I hope we can have it removed. It causes more damage than good. Having trees right up to the house is not a good idea anyway. When I took the last photo, I was standing under the tree and it was to my right. Notice any shade over me? No? Yep, useless behemoth. One day...

Tired. Night!


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