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Nature, with a murky twisted sense of humor, bypassed spring and allowed summer to appear. The plants are rejoicing. It looks hopeful out in my garden. After each photo, (which you can click on to enlarge), is an explanation. Some of the plants have not popped up yet and the peppers are safe under a light until nights stay in the 50+ degree ranges.

The first planting of corn is holding up. a couple of replanted plants have not popped up, as the second planting has not.

The potato patch seems to be thriving! Yum! There was 4, closely together white stems coming up this morn. I pulled them to see the tops were black, moist mushrooms. Weird.
Cabbage is starting to grow. I lost a couple and a few are languishing. The two, pitiful snap beans are to the back-right. The new seeds have not popped up yet. Planted the beans way too early. Planticide = 10 dead snap bean plants.
At the top is the Lovelock lettuce, a leafy type with red. the strawberries are thriving. The remaining peas are holding up. You cannot see, most likely, the new pea sprouts coming up. They live.

The kale is happy. The kidney beans (far back) are holding on. I lost a couple and replanted new seeds.
The spinach is finally growing and new sprouts have popped up today. The blotch in the center is sage. A couple of black bean plants survived and the seeds have not germinated yet. The photo below shows how little I know-
The larger spinach plants have these bud-thing... or just more leaves coming through? Gads, I am such a newbie.

The sweet potatoes have not been planted yet, I am waiting until the end of the month. the little plant in the back is dill. The parsnips are growing nicely.

The squash to the back have not appeared. The carrots are doing well. I love carrots. (no!...)

Nope, no squash to see here yet. The baby radishes are there, though. Tiny, but alive.

The yellow onions look so much neater when not looking from the top. The banana wax peppers) I got from the nursery almost died... many times. They may live from the looks of it.
The Burpee tomatoes are hidden to the back. they may live. Garlic to the front.I need to start the second batch soon. We love garlic.

The peppers have not been planted. The plant in the middle is lemon balm. The ones below are celery.

Languishing, scorched paste tomatoes to the back. The borage is quite perky. In the far front is a tiny patch of marjoram. There is tiny savory plants on either side of the borage and the chives in the far right bottom corner are rather sparse.

No peppers, being inside, that are supposed to go to the back. A few bunching onions survived and the sprouts are just now appearing.

More scorched slicing tomatoes to the back. A splotch of parsley is in the middle, just above the white onion tops. Again, they look different looking down, like someone forgot to comb their hair.

Red onions to the front. There are teeny-weeny leeks shoots to the back.
That is a watermelon leaf! One can hope they grow, being a short-season variety.

The berry bushes live. The josta is the happiest and the blueberries are finally starting to show growth. I found a surprise on one-

Maybe 4 berries? (laughing...) There were blooms when we got them. One can hope for more? Probably not, but they seem to like their spot.

That is it. A bit long.


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