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Well... that title sucks. Ah well.

We went out of town for a few days. I watered well the night before. It was supposed to rain for a couple of days, then be sunny for a couple. I believed the reports since they have been correct lately. (hitting head on table) They were not correct, we had three gorgeous days (that we missed seeing) and no rain at all. Did I go with my gut and have a young woman come water? Of course not! It was going to rain, you know!

Lesson learned. I lost some radishes, various types of beans, a few peas, all the squashes, a few corn and the watermelon. I did plant a tad early. I will replant after we get the nematodes. there is a cutworm or wireworm getting the remaining beads. White, thin, and I killed all I could. I also need to make the pepper spray stuff for spider mites. Living in the forest, spider mites can be even more prevalent for some strange reason. No biggie.

But! the potatoes finally peeped through! Yea! the cabbages, onions, garlic and potatoes means a few dinners, yes? (grin)

Some photos of how the garden stands as of today, before I raked and cleaned up various debris.

The bed closest has leeks you cannot see and red onions. The leeks may not make it? The one further back is white onions. Nothing behind those yet. The tomatoes and peppers are still under lights.The last bed to the way back is filled with garlic.

 Yellow onions and lingering banana wax peppers. They may make it yet.

 The far back center has remaining beans and cabbages. The one to the right is another variety of beans and kale. The one in the forefront is a few remaining beans and spinach. the one to the far left is peas, lettuce and strawberries.

 Corn! It is tiny, but doing okay.

Potato leaves emerged from the mound. Yea.

That is it for now.


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