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Below is photos of various items that are thriving.

Ever see a potato bloom? I never have!

I have red and white potatoes growing. Which flower goes with which, I have no clue. The patch is thriving quite well.

The cabbages are forming heads now.

The celery is finally looking like celery.

The first patch of corn. The other two are in the same area, but I wanted to capture the first 16 stalks. It is about chest-high to me.

One of the areas with tomatoes. They are starting to bloom.

The parsnips are growing well.

I just could not get a clear photo of a wax pepper. Tiny things, though. Everything else is doing well. We are still eating off the first lettuces and picking strawberries as they ripen. We ate off the kale the same way we did with the lettuce. I left it alone and it is regrowing too.

That is it for now. I hope to have photos of more ripening stuff. Of course since it is my first attempt at growing, we are having the coolest "summer" ever. sigh...


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