I am greatly enjoying my visit with the kids and my loved ones. It will be too short. We have to get home before winter comes into full swing. Driving over various mountain passes can be so dicey.

I got to go to my daughter's fancy ultrasound thing. Amazing. The booger went from lounging position, to gymnastics, to sucking it's thumb. Still "It" since it is still too early to tell the sex. (Since when has the word been changed to "gender" like it read on the monitor? ugh!) Even then, one never is quite sure. No matter, as long as the babe is healthy is what matters. A mini-version of my daughter would be cool since she has a lovely boy already. All is testing well. She is going for cute monkeys as the theme of the crib accessories.

She is trying to get into one of the social services programs because they need financial help (Crap insurance similar to the O'Bullpucky plan, useless and expensive) but it looks like she will will not get any help from the state or feds. Her orientation video flat-out said that illegals, especially their children, are fully covered, no social security number needed, but citizens will have to prove with reams of paperwork they "deserve" assistance. Stunning how Americans are treated by their own governments. One would think it would be unconstitutional and illegal that citizens are denied assistance by their own country? It sure frosts my cookies...I also did not know that a child born in a foreign country was immediately a citizen without at least one parent being legal or in the process of becoming one. No other countries do that and also demand health testing before entry. Someone mentioned recently they are bastardizing one of the constitutional amendments to make it "right". Gads. The U.S. is in a downward slide.

I hope the gifts I made the kids are well-received. I work for months on her step-daughter's items. One never knows the ebb and flow of a teenager's likes and dislikes. Some things never change, eh? (grin)

I am working on an ancient mobius scarf and decided to add a hood instead of making it wide enough to cover my head too. It has percolated in a knitting bag for (mumble) years. I took advantage of days in the car to get to the hood part. It is a bouclé alpaca blend in a deep chocolate brown and black. It should be warm and cuddly this winter.

It is very late and I have cooking to do in the morn. Night!


I am a bit ecclectic. This blog is whimsical musings about my various interests and sharing things I am learning. If anything, it will be a good sleeping pill, no?


  1. hey you-

    amazing what we have wrought to be taken down by the "it's all for me" folks.

    your granddaughter will be a beauty for sure. keep the faith, the faith shall carry us.

  2. ps it is an act of sex that gives one gender ;-)

  3. i saw a great bumper sticker: UFOs do exist! IT is our government that does not exist. Funny, but sadly true.

    We are kind of hoping it is a granddaughter. A mini version of our daughter. Selfish, huh? Either way, we are happy about it all. Laughing at your P.S.