Happy Friday the 13th!

I know some find this day repulsive, but I do not. My Mom was born on Friday the 13th. It was lucky for her, she had me, so... (laughing) Himself and I find the number 13 popping up in stuff a lot for us, and the numbers 3 and 9 lately, too. Weird, but a fun factoid. What does it mean? No clue.

I still have not blocked the pieces I have finished so far for the sweater. I really need to get that done while I work on the sleeves. I am using a bigger size to match the sizing for the next size down to fit me. Changing needles was not viable. I am staying with the larger size's lengths. I have a long torso and arms. The sweater will fit better in length and around by going this route. I pinned the pieces together and put them on, and I am happy with what the fit will be.

The Pomeranian breeder had a litter born the day I had my surgery. Maybe... When I go down for my last visit to be released by surgeon, maybe we can swing by the breeder's place and see the puppies. I am very ready to have a furry child in the house again. I loved taking Maggie everywhere. With a good tiny carrier, one can even take your friend into most of the stores around here. We shall see what Himself says about the stop and if the breeder will be available that day and time.

I am dealing with a headache for the last week. I had stopped the pain pills, no longer needing them. I thought taking one a day for a few days before completely stopping them would do the trick. Ugh! Nope. I am so unused to any sort of conventional medication, I react badly when taking them and stopping them. I hope to kick the headache soon. Not fun!

My daughter progresses well, though a fancy medical place said the baby was perfect, yet too thin. Huh? Her doc relayed the info badly, scaring her. (grumble) She has gone through just about every high-stress thing one could possibly go through in less than a month. Stress zaps nutrients that can effect her and the baby. Their solution was working less, not boosting her nutrition to negate the side-effect of dealing with high-stress events. (cursing and grumbling) So... her loved ones looked up What to Do and she is boosting some of her vitamins (it is deemed safe even by the crummy idiot American Medical Assoc.) and we offered to pay for the difference so she can buy and eat organic foods for better nutrition.The baby is doing well anyway, and the changes will help him thrive even more. Maybe fatten up a little too.

I finished a B-Movie fest. I need to find more of them. What a delight they have been. I noticed the movie people are re-doing a lot of old movies, using their younger (mostly awful) actors and actresses to "...get a new audience." What? They do not want the kids to see what real acting is and see the difference? So what if the old movies do not use fancy computerized junk! Nothing will ever be better than the old Harryhausen movie techniques for monsters and the like. They have a charm all of their own. I have never been into Bucket O' Blood and Entrails. ugh! I do not find them scary, just gross. The changes in dialogue sucks. I am guessing today's younger set are idiots who cannot understand simple American English and/or the old movies do not have the level of deep-whine today's crap on the screen and TV have?

No, I am not aging well. I do not care, either.

We have been eating the foods I cooked pre-surgery and froze. I found freezing bread dough a failure for me. It comes out half of the normal height, though we let it thaw and rise for 6+ hours. The last loaf is about gone and I will be back to my normal baking procedures here soon. I think I may make another Handful Soup or Stew. I sear some good, lean beef and dump it into the crockpot. I then add beef stock and handfuls of the various veggies I dried. the last batch was quite tasty. I had made a mixture of kale and spinach we use like dried herbs as flavoring in various Italian-like meals with great success too. I cannot wait for summer and more fresh food. I so miss it, especially leaf lettuce. I am starting some inside in a small growing tent thing in the craft room here soon. It will be nice to be able to lift again.

I spent a good day, or is it wasted the day?, by cleaning out over 138 old bookmarks that I either no longer used or were no longer available. I still have a ton of stuff to clean out! How I managed to have so many bookmarks is beyond me. I am not online all that much. I prefer reading, knitting, spinning, talking by phone or face-to-face with friends and loved ones than to waste time online. I do like all of the information we share with each other, but I am a doer more than anything else.

Nothing fun to report. No photos because I have yet to get some good light to take any.


I am a bit ecclectic. This blog is whimsical musings about my various interests and sharing things I am learning. If anything, it will be a good sleeping pill, no?

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