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...After uncovering the beds. Some is still frozen. I pulled the straw off all I could. One bedding area is still under a foot of snow and ice. I poked it with a pitchfork, hoping the rain will speed the process.

I did not clean the various areas all the way. It will take a day or two for the herb and flower areas alone. I did find that some things are going to come back up.

The tulips I planted all over were still not up, except just in front of our porch.

It looks like 5 are coming up so far. I planted black, red and red with yellow tulips.

The blue flax survived winter, it seems. It is taking off nicely.

The chamomile needs serious cleaning up, but it should come back from the looks of it.

The soapwort also is coming back.

The yarrow to the right fared winter fine.
A bit of parsley escaped and showed up when I pulled back the straw, as shown above. So... As soon as things thaw, I will get started on the beds, getting them ready. I will try to take photos of the sprouts in the little indoor greenhouse for sprouting stuff. I found some of the straw had seeds, adding to my weeding chores. Ah well...


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