All is asleep

Quiet reigns for the moment.

I spent a bit of time looking up the proportions for the batter for making deep-fried... Twinkies. Himself will be frying chicken for himself and our grandson. He wanted to try the deep-fried line of goodies before he "ruins" the oil with the chicken. He does the whole thing, from set-up, frying to cleaning up the mess. I get to taste-test. It works out in the end.

I know... Here, we lean to locally-grown, organic, good for you stuff. How can we eat this "pie-zon"? We like a good chocolate with chocolate frosting cake, cream pies, floats... drooling... I am human, after all.

I am not into deep-fried foods normally.they rarely sit well in my stomach. I despise fried chicken. The smell of it cooking nauseates me. I do love battered and deep-fried veggies. Homemade fries are wonderful, fried or baked. (I still need to try them with beef fat instead of safflower oil or lard.) No, we do not use vegetable oil, aka soybean oil. Soybeans make me sick. We use peanut oil for deep-frying. We have not tried olive oil. I think the flavor would be off, but I could be wrong. Safflower oil works well with potatoes, but I am not sure how it would work with a dessert. Coconut oil would be tasty, but it has too low of a melting point. For real popcorn... gads, yes!

So where was I? Oh, yeah... looking at the recipes. There is a line of You Tube video made by two guys who deep-fried anything and everything, even fast food/take-out stuff. They tried various candy bars, just about every Hostess treat, brownies, doughnuts and more. Dedicated?, or bored? (laughing) It is between two recipes. One person says simple pancake batter is best. Another says funnel cakes batter. I tossed the ones that insist on club soda or soda for the liquid. We have none on hand, making that ingredient moot. Both sides like the addition of cinnamon and/or brown sugar to the batter for the Twinkies. Plain batter was considered best for Oreos. (None around. Maybe next time?)

A few of the comments were plainly nasty. It was not like the people posting the recipes or videos were forcing them to eat the deep-fried goodies. I am never surprised at the depth of hate some have for anyone who does not follow their idea of what is right and wrong. Ah well. Those are the ones who end up sickest in the end. They should of ate dessert first.

I have some various flavors of Hershey's Nuggets. I wonder how they would do?

More when himself drags out the fryer and goes for it. I hope I can get a photo or two when I report back, hopefully not after having a conversation with the Porcelain Prince. (grin)


I am a bit ecclectic. This blog is whimsical musings about my various interests and sharing things I am learning. If anything, it will be a good sleeping pill, no?


  1. I love that you said we are all human, sometimes I wonder about some people. I am on a diet, I am always in some zone of getting rid of fat, but I fall of the wagon and land in the mud often because food is good and it's not right that my family does without even if I should. Great post, Hugs, maty

  2. Debbi - try the olive oil! it really does not have a strong taste if it's the extra virgin. that's about the only oil we use here.. and it works great. and is good for you, too. :-} (disclaimer: no, i do not own any olive oil factories or stock in any. tho we did plant 5 olive trees here in NW Oregon)

  3. Hey girlie! I have been hiding as you may have noticed. Big congrats on the wee one! What a bundle!