Ghetto garden - Gardening

That is what Himself is calling our garden in the front area right now. We have yet to get rid of the pines overhead. They drop bombs, called pine cones in some areas, on the plants. We put chick wire over all the beds under fire to protect the plants from death above. One can see in the photo to the left the potatoes are thriving quite nicely this year. So far.

The garden weathered our absence to see the newest grandson. It made it through numerous thunderstorms with downpours that would peel skin. We are having one right now.

I did get a few lettuce and spinach leaves to add to our salad the other night. We hope the garden survives for the summer. Time will tell.

We removed the plastic over the hoops before we left. We could not afford the watering stuff to use the plastic covers. We used sprinklers instead. It was a good thing we removed the covers, anyway. It would be still traveling the world, on the winds that went through while we were gone.

You might be able to see that the beans are "happy", as are the onions and garlic. The tomatoes, peppers and tobacco was mostly wiped out while we were gone. I bought more of all, reseeding the tobacco since it cannot be found in plant form locally. Some of the kale and cabbages came up, as did the lettuce, spinach, beets and turnips. The carrots, parsnips and parsley root are showing up now. No photos. The photo are using my cell phone. I do so wish the new camera battery would show up soon! 

The photo to the right shows the outer garden area. You cannot see diddly-squat. It is there. Done. (laughing)

We picked up some strawberry roots and got them planted when we got home. They are coming up nicely. I should get enough for a lot of strawberry jam. Yea! The black plastic hanging off the fence posts is to stop the wind coming down the hill. It helps quite a bit. I put up the fishing line "fence"again this year. So far, no deer, elk or moose have munched the garden. It does not stop the wandering cat or dog, though.

We also picked up a thing of lady bugs. I let them loose last week. We were hoping that the many robins would not commit ladybug mass-murder. Instead, nature is pounding the tar out of the garden every 3 days or so. If any ladybugs have survived, I will be surprised at this point. Mid-July, I should be back from returning our oldest grandson and see some results of this year's planting. I may have to replant some stuff. Ah well...

Having fresh food for a while is lovely. My experiments in canning veggies has been a success. I also canned meats and fruits. All have been delicious. I must of done it all right. We did not get sick and seem to still be in somewhat upright positions. (grin) I will post recipes for canning and dehydrating this fall, if they are copyright-free recipes. Oh, take photos, too. Oops, I forgot to mention the dehydrated foods. The fruit roll-ups were devoured with a quickness. the other foods were either ground up for seasoning or used after being introduced to a soup or stew. All were good. I found a way to get our grandson to eat spinach, cabbage and other veggies he does not want to eat- dehydrate and grind them up and add to food in that form. He never knows. He goes on how good the item is, all the while eating greens and the rest. heh...heh...heh...


I am a bit ecclectic. This blog is whimsical musings about my various interests and sharing things I am learning. If anything, it will be a good sleeping pill, no?

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