Small update and no photos - Gardening

Edit: I have imported this from my The Black Thumb of Death Gardening Blog to my regular blog...  

...Sorry. My battery pack died while we were out of town and I have to order another.

We left for 3 weeks, right after I planted all the seeds and the tomato, pepper and tobacco plants I started from seeds. We came home to a lot of growth. The most spectacular was the potatoes, beans and peas. The tomatoes and peppers died off or were eaten. Half of the tobacco plants were dead, too.

While my dog was being chipped and spayed, (that sounds so awful), I bought replacement tomato and pepper plants and got them in. I have to sprout new tobacco plants. Direct planting with seeds the size of a atom is not easy.

We have to get the next level to the potato boxes made and get another layer of dirt on the plants. I added some when we got home, but need more. this should of been done a couple of weeks ago. I was 1000 miles away, with no beaming technology to get home to do so. We will go down for the grandson mid-June next year and the garden will be better tended. We will be gone for a shorter time. the birth of our surprise grandson had us out of town for 3 weeks. garden or baby? (snort) A no-brainer on what takes the lead.

A few of the corn plants did not come up. Same for a few other varieties of vegetables. I will replant them here soon if they do not appear. I must also tend to the weeding once my dog is back on her feet. In raised garden beds, weeding is very easy.

I also have a large amount of rogue borage plants that popped up in the beds and ground. I am digging them up and putting them on a slope that needs thick planting to retain the soil. Pulling the weeds on it first will be a booger. I am going to use grandson-slave-labor to help me get it done quickly. He is a good kid and willing to help. A plus. The mint also went into the lilac bush. I pulled them and put them in water to go with the borage. Both plants will not be a problem for the wild roses and yarrow that dot the slope currently. I still have to find something that is thick and stands mostly shade for a steeper slope. The people that built our place did not slope the land right next to the garage well, making it steep and hard to keep from erosion. A retaining wall is out of our income level.

I hope to be able to get photos of the current garden soon. I will probably shut down this blog at the end of the season. I doubt I will have anything interesting enough to warrant two blogs in the future, not that I am interesting in the first place. I will post my mistakes and fixes, if any, at the end of the season, too. At least others can learn from my mistakes before making them themselves.

My gardening zone is a difficult one. Only Maine has one as short as we do. The odds are high, yet organic crops seem to still thrive here, especially what I call "Celtic food"- root veggies and the like. No problem. It is what we like most anyway.


I am a bit ecclectic. This blog is whimsical musings about my various interests and sharing things I am learning. If anything, it will be a good sleeping pill, no?


  1. Oh, No, Farmer Jane, you can't shut it down. At least keep it up each season to show pics and document how well you've done.

  2. okay...okay...okay... I figured my small garden and I are rather boring and a waste of bandwidth. Now to order a new camera battery...