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The melons and strawberries are doing well, as is all of the potatoes. the outfield looks even more wild from the angle I took the photo from! The herbs I was sprouting popped up. I had closed up the plastic and added a bucket of water, covered with cheesecloth to discourage mosquitoes.

Almost everything sprouted quite nicely.

After 90+ degree heat, (unusual) and thunders storms dumping inches within minutes, with me being out of town for a good week, the garden survived. And the earwigs are back. The darn robins really need to get to work in the beds.

I got my new camera battery. I was taking photos of a little hare that popped up from the edge of the forest, so took a few shots. What a mess I have. I need to weed something fierce, too. The spinach and mustard bolted. I am going to let them go to seed and replant at the end of the month for the fall. New tomato plants popped up! Whether they make it and I get tomatoes is another question. I may not get peppers this year. Time will tell. Being out of town and having to use sprinklers, I could not apply neem to get rid of whatever was eating some of the leaves. I found earwigs and one mormon cricket when getting lettuce for our salad last night. I was too tired to do anything after being on the road for two days. I will tackle it all next week.
While peeking at the little hare and taking a photo (posted on my other blog), I took a quick one of the garden in the back. It may survive. the rain was so heavy, it got the side of the house all muddy. the onions and garlic are doing well, as are the strawberries and various squash plants. The tobacco may even survive. The wild flower mix must of reseeded itself. It is a mess.

The mint went wild again. the hot and dry weather may of killed my lilac bush on that side. It was tiny and I was trying to get it going. The thunderstorms and heavy rains may revive it. I hope. I looked over... and I have blueberries! The josta berries are starting to darken, too. I did not think I was going to get any blueberries. It is encouraging me to get more bushes to plant all over.

Even with the close-up, I am not sure you can see the berries. (excuse alert) I did not have my glasses on. The front garden is doing very. The herbs I was sprouting seemed to have made it, too. A few other shots around the gardens, wild things they have become...


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