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I tried to get some clear photos of the stuff I have knitted. I tried?

The sweater is knitted in Red Heart acky-lack yarn in "Woodland"... or something like that. I do not have many choices up here. Wally world, who seems to be slowly dropping their "craft" section, carries little, the choices left rather suck. It washed up nicely, after using a good fabric softener and dryer sheet. I made the 1-year-size. My grandson is growing quickly, I want the sweater to fit at least for a short time.

This top was knitted in some nubby cotton I had in my stash. I have no clue as to what it is. I lost the bands a long time ago. The pattern is from-

Frock Camisole

The Next top was originally a crocheted pattern from Lion Yarn site. It was easily adapted to a knit pattern. the original crocheted pattern is-
Lion's Cotton-Ease Sea Breeze Top

 I will write up the adaptation sometime and post it here. I used the kitchen cotton on the cones, needles the same gauge as the suggested crochet hook. I put the buttoned up part in the front, then sewed it closed. I used gemstone beads for the "buttons". The bottom part, I used Feather and Fan, changing needle sizes periodically so it drapes. The original pattern does not drape as shown, according to others who crocheted the top.

The last top is another from the stash of cotton yarn. The pattern is made up. Yes, I wrote it down. I will also post it sometime soon.

I am in the middle of canning meat and meat broth/stock in my tiny pressure canner. The posting of patterns will be done when I get a free moment sometime later this month.

Sally is enjoying one of the beef bones I had in the pot when making the stock. She has 6 more in the freezer. I will rotate them out as they get a little worn. We are surprised she can lift these. they are rather large. It was disappointing how little stock I had to can. The recipe, from Ball, said it was going to be that small- 4 pints - but I thought it was a misprint. Nope. Oh well, I now have 1 pint of chicken stock, left over from making Sally's chicken dinner I freeze in portions. Hers was sans onions. I thawed the juice I put in the freezer a while back, added veggies and cooked it up. I am surprised that the recipes did not add garlic. That is so wrong. I added it, of course. There was a small bit left after filling the jar. It is in the fridge and I will dribble some on Sally's food. Supposedly, the onion I boiled in the stock will not be enough to be a problem for her.'

We are now Directv free! The young man kept trying to lower the price to keep us on the thing. Why pay almost $60? (the reduced rate we got a little while back because they could not install the HD stuff.) The price would go up to $80 this winter. For less than 10 channels that we actually watch!? We do not watch the 50+ Mexican channels, the 30+ Christian channels, the many sports channels, and over *150* infomercial/shopping channels, etc. the young man spoke so fast, I hope he does not mess up and charge us for "early cancellation". We have not had a contract for over 2 years. Himself may call Monday to be sure they do not try to screw us over more.

We can watch the few programs online. For free. We can hook the TV to our little netbooks for a full picture. So we have to wait until it shows on the TV first. Who cares? No more insulting commercials. That is another perk. I do not buy that junk anyway. Worse is the fast "food" commercials. Yuck. It is amazing how many eat that real-imitation-food. Or the commercials touting that Hamburger Helper is making a "real" dinner. Really? It costs more to use that nasty mix than making the dinner with ingredients from scratch, and enough to feed 4 people, instead of being a side-dish. No more commercials saying what a nasty person I am for having silver in my hair, not having radioactive-white teeth, phony-sugar-sweet breath. No more gross commercials that always came on while you were eating.

We really paid for all that. Amazing, and stupid. We can buy movies or the series when they come out in DVD instead. Much better choice.


I am a bit ecclectic. This blog is whimsical musings about my various interests and sharing things I am learning. If anything, it will be a good sleeping pill, no?

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