Cookie recipe link and knitted Bullygloves

I found a wonderful Pecan Sandies Cookie recipe at "Love of the Table Blog":
Pecan Sandies Cookie Recipe

Of course, I made a change or two. I doubled the recipe and added one bag (12 oz.) of semi-sweet chocolate chips. I did not have any light brown sugar on hand. No biggie. Take 1 cup of sugar and 1 tbsp. to 1-1/2 tbsp of molasses and fork it together. those who want to dirty-up their food processor can blend it together that way. It also uses powdered sugar instead of regular sugar.

The cookies are shortbread-style, but not too sweet the way most recipes are. I want to taste the cookie and the flavors. If I want sweet, I can suck on a sugar cube. I got 70 cookies out of the recipe. They are not perfect the way the author made hers. I do not have the little scoop to make the exact same size and all that. I am not a professional chef or teacher like the author is, either. I do not mind imperfectly shaped cookies. The dough looked crumbly, but when I grabbed a handful, it melded together just fine. I put a damp tea towel over the bowl between each batch. Towards the end it seemed to be a bit more dry. I wet my hands with water. Problem solved. They passed the Himself taste-test with flying colors, too. Yum!

I finished my bully gloves, Countrywool's Pointless Gloves. (See previous posts for the site address.) I made one pair but did not weave in the ends. I had holes between the fingers, no matter what I did. Look at the close-up.

I grabbed another ball of sock yarn in a steel gray and knitted them "backwards", from the fingers-down. I would put one finger onto spare dpns one size smaller, with the 3 stitches to be joined with the next finger on its own separate needle, and then knitted the next finger. I left a good 12" of yarn at the end of each finger for joining and any tiny hole that may still occur. I would take the fingers and kitchner stitch the first to the second, making sure to first take the yarn from one finger to the next finger as if to knit, then started the kitchner on the needle closest to me for three stitches, finishing with running the yarn through the purl bump on the next stitch on the finger that was "closest" to me and let it go without weaving in. Do not fret, they will not pull apart and you can eave the ends in after the glove is done without leaving a knot somewhere between your fingers. It also keeps you from making it too tight in that area. After each finger is joined together, I divided them onto two circular needles because I knitted the gloves on the round with two circulars. It is much easier and you tend to not get any ladders. Once the four fingers were done, I knitted up the thumb and set it aside.

The first round around all the fingers, I put a marker just before the last stitch of a finger, knitted the stitch, pulled a stitch up from a knitted stitch on the finger, making sure the hook went under two threads, (a knit stitch front). I pulled up a stitch from the next finger, knitted one, put a marker, continuing around in this manner. The next round, I made a ssk and a k2tog for the 4 stitches in between each set of markers, thus closing any holes that usually appeared for me.
See the second photo to see how much nicer that area is. I continued around for the specified length, reversing the instructions for the thumb gusset after joining it in the same manner as the fingers and adding the two stitches at each join. Once done to the ribbing around the wrist. I made the rib in one size larger needles, then bounded off in pattern with the same needle size to make sure it had some give.
I think my bind-offs are one of my worse points and something I need to work on. Though it is a bit complicated to make the gloves backwards, I think I like the fit much better and how smooth the area between the fingers came out. I did not have to close one hole. Yea! I am in the process of pulling apart the first pair and re-knitting them in the same manner. I know, weave up the holes and deal with it? Me?! nah.... I am sorry my wording is not all that clear. I will try to take a photo of the steps if I can on the re-do, but I am not promising anything.

Y'all have a nice day!


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