A bit of catching up

I seriously did not realize that it had been 8 months or so when I started messing with the blog’s theme and updating it!

Where to start? I tend to bounce between so many things every day. I keep my life interesting, to me, at least. laughing…

giftedcarrot2018I figured this “gifted” carrot may give some a laugh. It was delicious. laughing.

Garden – Well… I had some damage from the chemtrails, like many out there. It does weird things to the plants, and animals. There would be leaves burnt like a flame was set to them, though they did not curl, and the neighboring leaves would be perfect. The yields were down, too. For those who think it is woo-woo, shrug.

Family – All is well. I got to visit them in October. My oldest grandson is taller than I am. He just got his driver’s license. It was just yesterday he was sitting in my lap, zipping around in the golf cart I drove at the storage facility. The youngest grandson has lost his front teeth. He is a wonderful little booger. His cuteness saves his ornery rear-end.

Sally is doing well. She keeps getting some weird fungal and bacterial stuff on her private area, which is now going up her tail. At one point, I had to rush her to the vet for antibiotics and the dreaded steroids. The skin thinned overnight, was oozing and all sorts of awful stuff. I detest steroids. I supplemented her with immune-boosting stuff while she was taking them to help her system. It will take a while for them to kick in. I have to bathe her at least once every week or two until whatever this is is healed. The vets trend towards the treatments that perpetuate the problems. sigh…

Last year in late August/early September, the chickens got a parasite and Sally got fleas. There are no fleas up in my region. Where and how were a mystery. We treated the chickens and their area with DE and neem oil. Worked like a charm. Everyone was debugged, healthy and happy.

This year there was a repeat. The treatment did not work on the chickens. They got sicker and sicker. Supposedly there is now a fowl flea. Not in my realm. I would of never got the chickens if there was such a thing. The fleas are what brought them down and Himself had to do the deed. It was horrific. This is when Sally also got very sick. It seems this realm’s fleas are causing my critter’s some serious issues.  Many may think I am full-of-it. Fine. I know many with similar views to mine.

More musings another day. I have bored you all enough.


I am a bit ecclectic. This blog is whimsical musings about my various interests and sharing things I am learning. If anything, it will be a good sleeping pill, no?

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