I am changing venues

First and most importantly, I hope you all had a lovely Christmas, holiday season, and a great new year! I hope it was filled with laughter and love!

I mulled over what to do about a freebie website and this blog. I do not like the idea that someone else "owns" my content. It is not like I am selling anything. I only share my thoughts, recipes, what I like to create... you get the drift.

I decided to get a new domain for the website stuff. I spent a month redesigning various templates for a new website while looking how to connect my blog.. I found a great domain and host provider, to me at least.

As I was doing a catch-up on how to work the backend "dashboard", I decided to add the Wordpress engine to my site, but as the front end. Supposedly it is considered the best option. Oh my. Blogspot, HTML, Bootstrap and CSS was kindergarten compared to setting up my site. oof! I broke it down and bought a theme with a customizer built in. 4 crafts galleries took me a couple of hours to set up instead of 1 taking many hours.

The site is rather sweet in look right now. The "hero" header is a shelling pea blossom image I took years ago in my garden, shown above. The domain and site name- Debreena, is my husband's sweet-name for me. It makes me smile. I feel that laughter and humor is one of our best traits. I also feel that creating as much as we can "fills our heart and essence...", which is my tagline now. The logo is the design I did for my wrist tattoo. It is my husband.s and my first letter of our names, done in such a way to make a heart. I love hearts. (I know, duh)

Without further ado- https://debreena.com

You can reach my first posts on the front page. The link directly to the blog is https://debreena.com/blog/

There is a subscribe thingie at the bottom of the pages, which I hope I did correctly. laughing... I am NOT migrating this blog content over to my site, at least not yet. I want to start fresh. I am figuring out how to do the search engine meta stuff without the goolag analytics. ugh. If I was selling anything, I would need to. No thank you.

I have the free patterns under the menu tag of "Create!" Under galleries is 4 crafts galleries. You can click on an image to get a slide show. I am having some troubles with the lightbox, but I am working on it. I am not selling anything, but there is a menu item (without content) to list shops I use when I shop. A sort-of shop local. I do not get any compensation, so do not fall under any of the corporate diktats for some of the plugins for the site. There is even a legal section to cover the crud for all the nanny-state laws elsewhere and a cookie thing. (eye rolling)

I will post the links to newest blog posts and if I add pages for a while here. The category menu link is rather cool. No need to add pages. The first, wait, second post is a small garden planning post with pictures of how the kitchen garden started and changed.

Thank you all for reading about my various musings, crafting and the rest. I hope you subscribe to the new site. Either way, thank you again.

Again, I will post links to the new site here for a while.


I am a bit ecclectic. This blog is whimsical musings about my various interests and sharing things I am learning. If anything, it will be a good sleeping pill, no?

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