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No photos. The birds migrating through our area seem to know when I come out with the camera and leave the scene. (laughing) I have not made anything to show either.


I got the Rhiannon Faulkner Tarot deck. It came yesterday from the UK. It is labeled as the first modern photographic tarot deck and, yes, it is. (grin) I bought the companion book too. this deck does not come with the Little White Book.

I love the deck. It is in black-and-white photos. I prefer color normally but we all have a different idea of what each color means to us personally. The competing colors when laying out cards could also be a problem with photographs for some people. The lack of color does allow one to put things into a better... blend? Story? No matter, it works.

I love! the Court cards! Peoples! Doing things! With the energies of the Suit! What a concept! No out-of-date "royal" personage staring at you and not doing anything that in any way gives you a clue to what the card should be saying to you. Yea! I love how much the images speak to me in this deck!

Rhiannon Faulkner's site is at: (no, I am not paid in any way for plugging the cards!)

You can read a review of the deck and see some of the cards at:

So yes, the photos convey the energies of the tarot very well. She used images most of us can relate in various areas of our life, unlike the normal images that can be rather cryptic, archaic and uses symbols that are, usually, no longer part of the modern person's common-knowledge.

There are 10 cards that could be better. For me, they do not quite capture the energies of the cards with the images she used. I will have to work with them more to see if I can hold onto the author's ideas and views. Listed below are my little quirks that I would of used as a photo image. My views in no way diminishes the deck's usefulness and all that good stuff, but would better convey the card's messages for me personally. Why mention these? My opinion page, remember? (grin) No matter what I think about these few cards, I think this deck will serve me very well.


0 The Fool- A rural scene in the flatlands. There is a rainbow, but you have to read that in the book. In b&w photos, it is lost. Dang! The scene not convey the idea of an adventure or beginning for me because I have lived half of my life in the forest and mountains. Flatlands are not an adventure for me. (grin)

1 The Magician- A photo of a calm pond or body of water with a bridge, a floating boat, a path through a rural area. There is no one in the photo passing on info. No one who is well-learned, so to speak. A grandpa showing the grandchildren how to use hand-tools would be appropriate for me?

2 The High Priestess- A negative of a rural shot at night with a full moon. There is no one to point out it is a lesson one must experience on their own. Grandma watching as the kids use a recipe book and the kitchen to make something? Grandmas tend to let grandchildren learn on their own, they point out the tools you have at hand to do whatever it is you want to experience.

3 The Hanged Man- A clock on a wall. Okay. A child hanging upside-down on the monkey bars watching others have an animated conversation? The image does not convey looking at things from a different perspective for me.

16 The Tower- Stuff, (important papers?), burning in a patio fireplace. A building being demolished would of been a closer match for me.

Page of Cups- Two girls with their backs to each other, looking bored or upset. Water children would of been coloring or painting. This is the murky side of the card; me (the Water child) forced to go outside and play with my little sister (the Fire child). I would prefer to draw while leaning against a tree and she would prefer to play with her dolls (pffttthhh!) inside the house.

6 of Swords- A close-up of the boat sitting in calm water. There is no movement (forward and/or away) in the card.

7 of Swords- A woman walking under a ladder that is on the sidewalk and leaning against a building. If there was a burglar coming down the ladder, yeah, it would work. There is no implication of deceit for me in the image.

8 of Swords- A woman hunkered down behind a door with a hand in front of her face. It works in a way, though I think a person done-up in a tight outfit and too-high heels afraid to move would of been better for me.

9 of Swords- A church with graveyard/crosses planted in the ground. For me, yes, a church and being made to go to one is a nightmare of my own. One I can avoid and has no true danger. So... The card works for me when I think more about it, though it is not what was meant. (grin) Graveyards do not scare me. I find them soothing parks. I think a child clutching a stuffed toy while standing in front of the "Evil Closet Door" would of really hit me between the eyes, conveying the energies of the card.

I can work on those cards I listed above more closely. I like her companion book. I have different views on some of the cards, but I like reading other's views and seeing how they feel about the cards. I think it enriches one to look at what other's think and try to see their point of view.

Like the Hanged Man. (grin)

Again, I highly recommend this deck to all. I think Rhiannon Faulkner did an excellent job. Have a lovely day!


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