Catching up

Whew! Where has the last few months gone?

We tried growing hulless oats this year. This time, I planted the grain in rows instead of going with advice that I used last year- "toss it all around!" method.

We would grab the stalks in a comfortable amount, cut them, then used a large rubber band to hold them in bunches. We then hung the bunches under the carport, letting the grain fully dry. We had to use a bucket and drill with chains at the end to thrash the grain. Himself then tossed it all in a small child's pool, aimed the vacuum at the grain on the "blow" setting, sending the chaff off onto the side of the hill. We got about 3 gallons of oats. Cool.

Weirdly, we had two tomatoes who grew top to top, making a strange tomato-man shape. They still tasted great. You can see the green top spikes coming from the stem coming out where there joined.

I will post some recipes, too. For now... I attempted another raspberry zinger cake. I think I found the perfect cake base, the "Hot Milk Cake" recipe. I will try it with another fruit, sometime.

I also made some marshmallows for the first time. Bloody, hell, they are delicious and very simple to make. You do not have to have a fancy stand mixer to make them, like other sites "demand". I do not have one. My hand-mixer worked perfectly. It took 5 minutes of whipping. I drank my coffee while it was whipped. I used my cellphone for the photos. Sorry about that. I really need to get my camera out and learn how to use it manually. Some day. Yeah, right...

I got the recipe from the Kitchen Frau  She has some other, delicious recipes. I wanted some "momo's" for our yam and pumpkin squash blend for tomorrow's feast. I cannot bring myself to buy the poison at the stores. Even the vegan junk has soy in it, with other chemicals. ugh.

I also made cheater's jelly, using organic fruit juice. One is Razzleberry. Himself is pleased, it being his favorite juice.

Cheater's jelly is so easy to make. Unsweetened organic juice, sugar and pectin. A pan with lid that is deep enough to hold the jelly jars with an inch of water covering the jars... and one has quick jelly. Yum.

My Little Red Books still have "Mirror, Mirror..." I do not have, or cannot find, the movie. The book is non-Disney. For those wondering what the hell I mean- Nevermind. Those who understand what I am talking about, I think the shifts have stopped. Do not quote me on that, though.


Recipes coming soon. One is meat-free and the other uses extra-lean hamburger. Both are for canning, yet, they can be cut in half or more for normal dinner amounts, with enough for leftovers or to be frozen for another dinner.

I will leave it at that. Have a lovely Thanksgiving or Feast Day!


I am a bit ecclectic. This blog is whimsical musings about my various interests and sharing things I am learning. If anything, it will be a good sleeping pill, no?

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  1. Nice update! Very excited about the oats and inspired also. You nailed it with the Marshmallows. I have been thinking about trying that for awhile. When the grandgirls come up we always do s'mores in the fireplace. How much fun to make the MMs too!